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The T1 Dispenser allows you to use your own type stand mixer.  The T1 mounts to the counter next to your mixer and dispenser liquid nitrogen into the bowl as you are making the product. 

This is your choice for commercial and restaurant use.  With our easy electric push-button design, frozen desserts and frozen cocktails have never been easier, safer or more reliable.​


  • Stainless steel body and a white powder-coat finish.  (Other color options available)

  • Push-button control dispensing

  • Easy to operate with no maintenance required.  

  • Use with any nitrogen tank with pressure from 8 psi to 40 psi.

  • Swivel nitrogen dispenser.  (Allows nitrogen to be easily dispensed for other uses) such as Dragons Breath type cereal.

  • Available in US 120v/60 Hz and Euro 230v/50 Hz

  • ALL NitroCream dispensers INCLUDE the License to use NitroCream's Patented Process.

T1 Electric Push-Button Dispenser

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