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The NitroCream G6 along with our Patented Process is designed for your store, bar, or restaurant.  There is no other machine that is as portable, quick to set-up, safe to operate and that can do so much.

The G6 is geared not only for the experienced ice cream and gelato connoisseur but for the cocktail mixologist as well.

No one -- ice cream aficionado or not -- can help but be impressed by the unique G6 appearance and fog show along with the unforgettable smooth texture and flavor quality from the greatest liquid nitrogen ice cream and frozen cocktail machine in manufacturing.

The G6 is not your standard, massed produced ice cream, gelato and cocktail machine.  Each machine is hand assembled and tested at NitroCream's facility, a true fusion of engineering and craftsmanship.
Power one on and experience for yourself how anything else is just a compromise.

G6 Benefits

  • No washers and gaskets to maintain.  

  • Easy to clean.  The G6 can be cleaned in just seconds.

  • Easy to power.  The G6 uses standard 110v and only runs when you're freezing the product.

  • Eco-friendly.  The G6 doesn't use any refrigerants, compressors or condensers.

  • Small, lightweight, and portable.  The G6 is under 20 inches wide and weighs less than 50 pounds.

  • Produces the highest quality product.  The G6 makes each ice cream, gelato or cocktail fresh in seconds, with a texture and consistency unmatched by any other.

  • Stylish and easy to operate. 

Additional benefits

  • Make ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and frozen cocktails.  Dairy, non-dairy, organic, all-natural, using this one machine. 

  • Make each dessert or cocktail fresh for each guest.

  • Watch how people remember your business, tell their friends, and establish you as the go-to expert in the frozen dessert or cocktail field.

  • The NitroCream G6 and T1 Dispenser can help position your business ahead of the competition.

  • Listen how excited your customers get receiving ice cream, gelato or a frozen cocktail made fresh, just the way they want, right before their eyes.  

  • Test any new flavor concept in just a few minutes.

  • Make a 5-ounce serving or up to two quarts.

We listened to your wants, needs, and desires, and with our patented process and engineering, we've done the work for you. 

Now you can be the star of the show and separate yourself from the competition.

Read about the features on the purchase page and see which machine best fits your needs and budget.





Tell me about the NitroCream "G Series" machine.

"G" stands for green, eco-friendly.   We manufacture each machine right here in the U.S. and strive to build a machine that not only benefits you but the earth and environment as well.

The G6 doesn't use refrigerants, fluids, oils, compressors, condensers, washers or gaskets to replace or throw away.
Standard 110v power hook-up and no water hook-ups or drains needed


Why is ice cream, gelato or cocktail so much better product when made with NitroCream's G6 Machine or T1 Dispenser?

Each ice cream dessert or cocktail is individually handcrafted the way you want when you want it.  With using liquid nitrogen, the product is frozen so quickly that the ice crystals are incredibly small resulting in an incredibly smooth product.

With our Patented Process, you are able to produce a superior quality ice cream dessert or cocktail unmatched by any in the industry.  The flavor, texture, and density are smooth and premium.

This, along with the finest selected ingredients, such as all natural, organic and locally grown products makes the NitroCream brand product the most exciting and highest quality way to make frozen desserts.  

Nothing compares to the NitroCream process.


I'm not sure what I need to get started.

1. Simply choose which will work best for your situation, the G6 Machine or the T1 Dispenser.  
2. How many machines do you need? tell us your needs and we can assist you in the best choice.
3. Contact us if you need assistance or have questions about what you need for a nitrogen tank and line assembly.


Once I purchase the equipment, are there any other costs to NitroCream for the use of the license or equipment?

No, once you purchase the equipment it becomes yours and a usage license comes with each machine and dispenser.


I have my own equipment from another company so do I need a license to use the NitroCream process?

If you use the NitroCream process, which is Patented, then you need a license from NitroCream LLC.  Even if you use other equipment, you may infringe upon our Patented Process.  Save yourself the headache or hassle, and contact us if you are in question.


How many flavors or combinations of flavors are there?


With flavors and added mix-ins there are limitless flavor combination's possible.   Try a dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and fresh brownie pieces mixed throughout.  Perhaps a strawberry cheesecake gelato made with fresh, local strawberries and real cheesecake, or maybe a butter pecan ice cream with real caramel swirl and bits of pecans. 

Mix up a margarita or one of our favorites, a white wine peach sorbet.  


Do I need a batch freezer, blast freezer, holding freezer or display case?

No.  That's the beauty of the G6 machine or T1 dispenser.  Make ice cream and gelato fresh on the spot, no freezers required.


What is the ratio of ice cream to liquid nitrogen?

With the NitroCream equipment, the ratio is right about 1 part ice cream to 1.5 parts of liquid nitrogen.   An 8-ounce ice cream will use about 12 ounces of liquid nitrogen.


What if something malfunctions on a NitroCream machine?

We have machines that have been used daily in commercial use for over 7 years.  The G6 machine comes with a 2-year warranty, while the T1 dispenser comes with a 6-month warranty  Rest assured if you do encounter a problem we will quickly take care of the issue.


I’ve never heard the word "cryogenics", what is it?

Cryogenics are low-temperature gases that are transported, stored and distributed in a liquid state.  The most widely used cryogen is liquid nitrogen.  It is the safest form to work with and the least expensive to produce. Liquid nitrogen has only two states: liquid and gaseous.  It vaporizes from the liquid state to a gas at - 320°F.  You may see and hear of liquid nitrogen being used on the Food Channel and by chefs throughout the world.


Is liquid nitrogen safe?

Liquid nitrogen itself needs to be handled with caution.  The G6 machine and T1 dispenser are specially designed to safely operate with the use of liquid nitrogen.  Once the product is finished being made with the G6 or T1, the nitrogen has evaporated and is gone.  There won't be any nitrogen in the product you are serving.

Unlike hot grease at a restaurant, nitrogen can splash onto your skin without harm.  All gas suppliers have a Material Safety Data Sheet available for you at your request.

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