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One T1 Dispenser, One Commercial Kitchenaid Mixer and One Custom Nitrogen Hose come in this Package.

Here we offer a package which includes the electric-push button dispenser, NSF Kitchenaid Mixer and the custom vacuum jacketed nitrogen hose for all to connect together.

A great choice for commercial and restaurant use.  This one package includes everything you need to get set-up and operating.  With our easy electric push-button design, frozen desserts and frozen cocktails have never been easier, safer or more reliable.​​​

Dispenser, Machine, and Nitrogen Hose Package

  • ​​​​​​One Electric Push-Button Dispenser

    • Stainless steel body and powder-coat finish to match your Kitchenaid mixer.

    • Push-button control for liquid nitrogen dispensing.

    • Easy to operate with no maintenance required.  

    • Use with most any nitrogen tank with pressure from 8 psi to 40 psi.

    • Swivel nitrogen dispenser.  (Allows nitrogen to be easily dispensed for other uses) such as Dragons Breath type cereal.

    • Available in US 120v/60Hz.  Inquire for 230v/50hz

    • ALL NitroCream dispensers INCLUDE the License to use NitroCream's Patented Process.

    One NSF 8 qt Commercial Mixer

    • Easy and convenient 120v power.

    • NSF Certified for Health Department Approval

    • 8 qt mixing bowl

    • Comes with one mixing bowl and mixing blade.

    • Bowl lift design

    • All metal gears

    • Available in US 120v/60Hz.  Inquire for 230v/50hz

    • 2-year hassle-free warranty

    • Choose between Red, Black, Grey or White.

    One ​6' Vacuum Jacketed Hose

    • 300 Series Stainless Steel

    • Flex hose for easier application when dealing with under counters and corners.

    • Vacuum Jacketed hoses are maintenance-free, safest and most efficient to use.  These hoses do not frost up on the exterior and remain room temperature to the touch.

    • Female flare fittings for easy connections to dispenser and nitrogen tank.

    • A single dispenser hose is 6' in length and connects the dispenser to your nitrogen tank. 
      Two, three or four dispensers come with a custom vacuum jacketed hose that connects the dispensers together in series, 3' apart and to a nitrogen tank up to 12' away.

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