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Liquid nitrogen mixology
With the G6 machine and T1 dispenser, you can create frozen cocktails with liquid nitrogen rather than using ice.  Using liquid nitrogen you have a drink that is flavorful to the last sip and never watered down.  
These are drinks that you eat and sip, rather than drink.  Liquid nitrogen is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.  It freezes the drink very quickly so ice crystals don't have a chance to form and is perfect because you can quickly freeze alcohol into a soft, slushy beverage.  
The drinks have an amazingly smooth, velvety texture.   We use the word "velvet" to describe how the frozen cocktails actually feel in your mouth.  And as always, the fog display from the G6 machine or T1 dispenser is showy and quite incredible.


Wine sorbets, frozen Margarita's, Pina Colada's, Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream, Mai Tai's, Cosmopolitan's, Mojito's, Daiquiri's, etc.

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