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Here we offer a package which includes the newest G6 with electric-push button dispenser and the vacuum jacketed, liquid nitrogen hose that easily connects your G6 machine to your liquid nitrogen tank.

A great choice for commercial and restaurant use.  This one package includes everything you need to get set-up and operating, minus your nitrogen tank (which is often rented from your local nitrogen supplier). 

With our easy electric push-button design, frozen desserts and frozen cocktails have never been easier, safer or more reliable.​

G6 Machine and Liquid Nitrogen Hose Package

  • UPS Delivery:

    ​For customers taking delivery within the United States, we offer UPS delivery to your address.  Currently shipping within the United States is $185 for the G6 machine in the Pelican Case with insurance..   

    Shipping the accessories such as T1 dispenser, vacuum jacketed line, Dewar, extra bowl and blade sets, a shipping price will be quoted.

    You can always contact us directly with your order and we can Invoice you for payments for Credit Card, PayPal or set-up for wire/bank transfer.  We also accept check if in the United States.

    UPS and Air Freight:

    ​For customers taking delivery outside the United States, we offer UPS delivery.   Email your address for a shipping quote.

    If you wish to schedule your own shipping you may do so as long as the equipment can be picked up in Wenatchee, WA 98801, USA


    Factory Pickup:

    If you would like to pick up your equipment directly at the NitroCream factory, you may do so in Wenatchee, Washington.  There is no charge for this option, but you are responsible for transporting your equipment from the factory to its final destination.


    Shipping container:

    The NitroCream G6 machine is shipped in a heavy-duty Pelican case to your destination.  The Pelican case is dustproof, crushproof, watertight and lifetime warranty.  Fold-down handles and wheels make for easy handling. 

    There is a charge of $495 per Pelican case which will be added to the balance on G6 order unless you are sending a Pelican case back to us to use.  If the Pelican case is returned to NitroCream LLC within 30 days after the delivery we will return $350 back to you.

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